Statement from Wesley Lesosky, President of the Airline Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), which represents 18,500 flight attendants at ten different airlines across Canada:

“Canada’s flight attendants extend our full support to the WestJet pilots who have taken the difficult decision to serve strike notice in order to stand up for better wages and working conditions.

We stand in solidarity with WestJet pilots because their struggle is our struggle too.

We share the same determination as our sisters and brothers at the front of the plane to improve our working conditions, and to demand respect from the airlines who continue to devalue our work.

We know that standing together, united in our collective effort, is the best way to effect positive change for our members.

The airlines know that they wouldn’t be here without their workers, and now is the time for them to show they value and respect the workers who ensure passengers’ safety and this industry’s success every single day.”