PM & CUPECUPE National President Paul Moist met with the National Child Care Working Group Wednesday to advocate for 15 dollars a day child care. Paul Moist took the opportunity to acknowledge the work of the committee in raising the issue of child care via the Rethink Child Care campaign and the #votechildcare2015 campaign during this federal election period.

During the current federal election, only Tom Mulcair and the NDP have promised to introduce a national 15 dollars a day childcare plan.

Young families are squeezed on all sides. Today’s mothers and fathers need to work harder and longer than their parents, while the steady erosion of Canada’s social safety net has left them struggling to survive.

After 10 years of the Conservatives the cost of child care is often breaking the family budget. It’s time to rethink child care. We need a federal child care plan that is affordable, will help families and allow more women to join the workforce and boost our economy. 

Quality, affordable child care enables parents to get the education and training they need to access good jobs. It’s time for a federal government that recognizes investing in quality early learning and care will reduce poverty, increase employment and stimulate the economy.