We are appealing for your urgent financial support for two CUPE members unjustly detained for doing their duty in the Dominican Republic since April 5, 2022.

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CUPE members detained in Dominican Republic


Since April 5, CUPE members Christina Carello and Alexander Rozov, flight attendants at Pivot Airlines and members of CUPE 4059, along with two pilots and a flight mechanic, have been held in the Dominican Republic.

Why? Because they discovered and reported suspected contraband on their plane.

In doing so, the crew prevented a possible onboard fire, and a probable air disaster resulting from the added weight and unsafe location of the contraband on the plane. They immediately followed all local and international laws and regulations.

Despite all that, Dominican authorities want the crew to be held in prison for 12 months without charges being laid, while an investigation runs its course.

Imagine a day where you are a crew member. You are a trained, skilled, knowledgeable person with years of experience. You leave your home, and loved ones to operate a flight on that day and you never come back.

My name is Alexander Rozov and I am a Canadian flight attendant who went to jail for doing my duty. It’s been two months of my detention in the Dominican Republic. Two months away from home, filled with anxiety, fear for my life, stress like never before. Two months without freedom, without the possibility to see my partner I love, or the possibility to live my life. My life just paused, in limbo, uncertain – that is how I think of my life at the moment.

Back in Canada, many aspects of my life are at risk or unsolved. My apartment, rent and car insurance are the most stressful at the moment. I lost my second part-time job income which was equal of $1200 per month. I need your help.


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These five Canadians have faced daily threats, including explicit threats on their lives for their actions. We are all gravely concerned for their safety, mental health, and physical well-being.

Therefore, the Airline Division of CUPE is looking to raise money to help Christina and Alexander cover some of their obligations at home. We want to provide them with some peace of mind that they will come home to some sort of regular life.

Our goal is to raise enough money to provide them support until April 2023, at which time they should be released if they have not been formally charged within the next 12 months.

We would also like to provide them with some additional financial support when they finally get home and must deal with the fallout of this traumatic event.

We are in contact with Christina and Alexander on a weekly basis. We are doing everything we can to bring them home safe and soon. In the meantime, they need all the help they can get.

I am Christina Carello and I have been a flight attendant for 13 years. In aviation they say “expect the unexpected” but never in my 13 years did I expect anything like this to happen. You go to work to fulfill your duty expecting to be home from a layover in maximum 2 days… but now I am facing the worst thing I have faced in my entire life.

My life has been put in limbo. Facing the threat of being placed back in a prison where my life is in jeopardy daily, or even just having to stay in this country while not being provided any due process, is extremely hard to handle mentally and emotionally. We have been told we can be detained for up to 12 months without being formally charged with any crime.

To compound everything, our commitments and responsibilities still need our attention at home. I am only part-time at our airline and have another job to make a living. The airline is paying my wages, but they only cover a portion of my responsibilities back home in Canada. I am at serious risk of losing my other job the longer this goes on. And I worry what type of financial crisis I will have to deal with if and when I finally get home. Any assistance from my brothers and sisters at CUPE would provide such peace of mind and one less thing for me to panic over daily.


Give what you can to help Christina and Alexander

We are appealing to all our locals across the country to make a donation and circulate the GoFundMe donation page to CUPE members.

Your support and solidarity mean the world to Christina and Alexander during these incredibly difficult times. Thank you!

Wesley Lesosky,
President, CUPE Airline Division

Rena Kisfalvi,
Secretary-Treasurer, CUPE Airline Division