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Workers at Amica Dundas Retirement Home have been at the bargaining table since June 2023 and unfortunately, they have achieved very little progress at the bargaining table. Their collective agreement expired in February 2023. 

Their Employer, Amica, has refused to accept an equitable wage increase for these workers.  

The very low wages at Amica Dundas Retirement Home have resulted in recruitment and retention issues, which ultimately affect the quality of care the residents receive. Many workers who worked at the home for years and years have left for better pay at other retirement homes in the area.  

These Health Care workers need your support. 

Sign your name to demand that retirement home workers at Amica Dundas Retirement Home get the respect they deserve! Your email will be sent to the Dundas Ward 13 city councillor Alex Wilson and Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas MPP Sandy Shaw, and Lorraine Small, the Director of Labour Relations at Amica Mature Lifestyles Inc.   

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