The Air Transat Component of CUPE representing flight attendants understands that drastic measures must be taken in the face of a historic pandemic. However, the union deplores the lack of vision by the Trudeau government, which is not presenting a recovery plan for Canadian air carriers.

“This health crisis will be behind us one day, but without Canadian carriers, we will be at the mercy of foreign companies. All developed countries have understood this and have implemented a plan to save their airline companies,” pointed out union president, Dominic Levasseur.

Air Transat has announced that it was gradually grounding all of its planes effective this Sunday until at least April 30, which will definitely result in further layoffs in the sector.  

We have been waiting for a federal recovery program since mid-March 2020, which is almost one year ago! The recovery of this key industry will affect the general economic recovery and, in particular, the entire tourist industry that has been hard hit by the health crisis,” added Levasseur.

Note that in early 2020, Air Transat, a flagship of Quebec Inc., employed 1950 flight attendants. In two weeks, none will be left.