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Smiling CUPE 882 members are the first faces you see when you visit city facilities. We keep the City running, performing crucial duties such as:

Crucial City Operations: We perform all admin work for residents and the City.

Information Hub: We issue permits, handle all your city inquiries, and keep city records.

City Programming: We plan all arts, culture, parks and recreation programs.  We are the lifeguards and the playground supervisors who keep your family safe.

By-Laws and Safety: We enforce by-laws, inspect properties, and watch over your kids at the skate park and city pool.

Special Events: We book all your special events and ensure the success of city fairs, festivals, and more! 

Concessions and Shows: We put on shows and concerts at the EA Rawlinson Centre, and we’re the concession staff at Raider Games and other facilities across the city!

Right now, the Mayor and Council are asking CUPE 882 workers to accept offers that are well below the rate of inflation and amount to a wage cut.

Meanwhile, between 2017 and 2021, compensation for Mayor and Council increased by 20% — double what CUPE 882 workers received in the same period.

If the Mayor and Council can give themselves wage increases that account for inflationary pressures, they should be willing to offer the same for their workers.

Tell the Mayor, enough is enough get back to the bargaining table and offer CUPE 882 members a fair deal.

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