At every convention, we take some time to recognize the excellent work coming out of our locals and divisions with CUPE’s Communications Awards. Those awards were presented at the Communicator’s Breakfast this morning.

Reaching members and the public with our stories and our information matters more than ever. CUPE’s local and division communicators do amazing work in print, online, and in person. They help build stronger locals by engaging and informing members.

Here are the winners and honourable mentions in each of our five categories:

Best campaign

Winner: CUPE 2484, Ontario
Honourable mention: CUPE 9201, Quebec

Best written content

Winner: CUPE 3550, Alberta
Honourable mention: CUPE 5678, Ontario

Best video

Winner: CUPE 4250, Quebec
Honourable mention: CUPE 5167, Ontario

Best photo

Winner: CUPE 486, New Brunswick

Best use of digital tools

Winner: CUPE Cast, Ontario
Honourable mention: CUPE 728, British Colombia