The Canadian Union of Public Employees will hold a rally at 12 noon on Thursday November 10, 2016, at 162 Murray Street in Ottawa to protest the firing of several union activists by the Montfort Renaissance.

The firing of union activists who advocate for fairness, dignity and respect in the workplace is no longer common. So the “firing of most of the union representatives at the Montfort Renaissance puts the agency under a very dark cloud,” says Laurin Levesque, president of CUPE 4251.

Montfort Renaissance is a social service agency headquartered in Ottawa that offers integrated mental health and addiction services as well as housing services to vulnerable individuals in eastern Ontario.

“Montfort Renaissance is strongly supported by the citizens of Ottawa and by members of the Francophone community and it receives substantial financial support from the provincial government. The agency funders and its donors need to be assured that the agency operates in accordance with modern principles of good labour relations,” says Levesque. 

CUPE has filed a complaint of unfair labour practice against the Montfort Renaissance after three union officers were fired by the local agency. The complaint has been lodged at the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

“Very rarely anymore do we see the wholesale firing of union officers. We plan to do everything in our power to return these activists to work and to ensure that respect for the agency’s workforce is restored,” says Michael Hurley, president of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions/CUPE. “The provincial government should take note that we believe that there are very serious problems with the management of this agency.”