Working together to reclaim worker power

Welcome to CUPE’s 31st biennial national convention.


It's been a long time, but we're back together again.  Over the coming week, we’ll:

  • Hear reports on the wide range of work our members, committees and leaders have done over the last two years;
  • Set the priorities for our union through resolutions and constitutional amendments;
  • Build a plan to strengthen worker power and mobilize across the country to fight for better in the face of record inflation and skyrocketing housing costs that makes it impossible to keep up with the overall cost of living.


Thanks to you and the delegates from across the country who are joining us in Québec to help shape the direction of our union.

Today's events


Sectoral meetings

Locals are encouraged to join these meetings and take advantage of the opportunity to meet, share strategies, challenges, and stories with others from your sector across the country.


Pension forum

The Pension Forum will look at where we’ve been and where we’re going in the fight for retirement security for all workers. A panel with pension leaders both inside and outside of CUPE will focus on how to take on employer efforts to cut unions out of pension decision-making.


Bystander Intervention Training

When we witness others being harmed, oppressed or injured, we can intervene in safe and effective ways. Join us to learn tools and strategies to become an active bystander.

And more...

Find everything that's happening at Convention, and where, with the online schedule.

Tell us about yourself

Welcome to CUPE’s 60th Anniversary convention! For 60 years, CUPE members like you have kept our communities working. Convention is a time for us to come together and share the unique perspectives from the different sectors and regions, making our union stronger.


With so many diverse perspectives from so many different communities in one place, we want to celebrate by getting to know our delegates. 

Convention updates

We've got an app for that

Browse the agenda, download convention documents, and get directions with our convention app.  

Who's coming to convention?

Over the next week, we'll have a number of opportunities to hear from some amazing guests with a wide range of experiences - at our forums, as part of our cultural program, and on the convention floor. 

Join us in the Village

Come to the CUPE Village to meet exhibitors providing services to CUPE locals, as well as to learn more about everything that's happening inside CUPE.  The Village is on the second level, in Room 200AB.


At lunch Monday-Thursday, we'll also be showing documentaries and other videos from the CUPE archives, where you can learn about some of the fights that shaped our union.  Come and watch - and if you get lost, just follow the smell of the popcorn. 

CUPE Ombudsperson program

CUPE is committed to creating a union which is inclusive, welcoming and free from harassment, discrimination and all types of bullying and intimidation. Harassment and inappropriate behaviour divide us as workers and undermine dignity and respect.


Delegates and members at all CUPE National events, including Convention, can call on a team of ombudspeople for assistance in dealing with harassment or other inappropriate behaviour. Harassment is defined in the CUPE Code of Conduct, which sets out expectations for behaviour at CUPE events.


To get in touch with an ombudsperson, call or text:
Français: 819-598-2516
English: 819-593-2402

ASL: 819-593-2454


Someone will be there to help. All calls will be treated confidentially.