Making connections, building solidarity

CUPE members from across Canada, attending their first in-person national convention since 2019, gathered by sector to share experiences, identify ongoing challenges, and work together to find solutions.

Today's events


New Delegates’ Briefing

This session is for first-time convention delegates and those who want a refresher. Learn the rules and processes of convention and get answers to your convention questions. You'll leave ready to fully participate in the week's proceedings!


Human Rights Forum

The Human Rights Forum is a space for members to be inspired, and to recommit to human rights.

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Convention updates

CUPE takes action with bystander training

Convention delegates participated in bystander intervention training on Sunday afternoon, taking a proactive step towards fostering a safer and more supportive union environment. Members learned strategies for effective intervention when witnessing harm, oppression or harassment. This important training was also offered in virtual sessions in the lead-up to convention.  


The rollout of bystander intervention training for this year's convention is part of CUPE's commitment to creating safer and more inclusive union spaces. CUPE's Union Education branch offers a comprehensive three-hour bystander intervention training course accessible to all members. Additional information on educational opportunities and resources to promote safer union spaces can be found at

Leading the fight for retirement security

CUPE is a leader in the fight for retirement security, not just for CUPE members but for all workers in Canada. At Sunday’s pension forum, activists reviewed the latest developments in that fight. 


Alberta Regional Vice-President Rory Gill summarized Premier Danielle Smith’s absurd proposal for the province to leave the Canada Pension Plan and take more than half of the fund. Kevin Skerrett, a 30-year CUPE pension activist, told those gathered that we must fight harder than ever to preserve defined benefit pensions plans, particularly as employers dream up new ways to dismantle them. He encouraged members to think more deeply about how we can make sure that our pension investments do not harm other workers. 


The forum concluded with a panel of members who discussed their locals’ struggles against employers who try to exert unilateral control over their pension plans.

Take action

CUPE is fighting back against service cuts which are harming our members, and our communities. Join the fight to protect public services in your community today!