About 200 employees represented by CUPE 2330, working in work sites for Highland Community Residential Services, HCRS, in Pictou, Nova Scotia, could be out on the picket line soon if a deal is not reached at the CUPE provincial lead table involving CUPE 3067 and New Dawn Guest Home, on Monday. HCRS is funded by the Department of Community Services.

Kim Cail, representative for CUPE, says the outstanding issues for this group are the same as the issues at the lead table — wages and job security.

“These workers haven’t seen a wage increase since March 31, 2021,” Cail says. “They are frustrated, feeling unseen and unappreciated. No one ever wants to go on strike, but there comes a point when there are no other options.”

The local’s members took a strike vote last week that gave an overwhelming 94% in favour of job action.

The residential counsellors look after adults in group homes and in the Independent Living program who have physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

Cail says the lead table is in conciliation today and is hopeful that an agreement can be achieved.

CUPE 2330, HCRS work site, is the fifth community services local in Nova Scotia to hold a positive strike vote.