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September 29 - 30, 2018 | Knights Inn Woodstock, Jacksonville, New Brunswick | English
You must complete the 9-hour Introduction to Stewarding workshop. After that, you can start taking modules in the Steward Learning Series. All the modules are 3 hours.
To receive a Steward Learning Series Certificate, you must complete the following:
All modules in Section A,
At least 7 modules of your choice from Section B, including at least 3 Equality Modules (with an *),
The modules do not have to be taken in any particular order.
September 29 - 30, 2018 | Peterborough Area Office, Peterborough, Ontario | English
This workshop will interest you if your local is thinking about a joint job evaluation program for pay equity purposes, or if you have new joint pay equity committee members. It covers topics such as collection of job information, rating jobs, weights, banding, selection of male comparators, job-to-job and proportional value comparisons and achieving/maintaining pay equity. (Please bring a calculator)
Sep 29, 2018 | Local 5167, Hamilton, Ontario | English | $20
What does a CUPE steward do? If you are a new steward and want to learn how to help CUPE members solve workplace problems, this introductory workshop is for you!
In this workshop, you will learn:
• investigating workplace problems;
• filing a grievance;
• meeting with management;
• dealing with workplace complaints.

NOTE: See more Stewarding courses under the Steward Learning Series.


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