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March 24 - 27, 2020 | CUPE Local 905, Newmarket, Ontario | English | $100
WSIB Level I - Rights & Obligations
An introductory 12 hour course that provides an overview of Ontario's compensation system. Participants will learn about the history and evolution of workers’ compensation. Parts of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act will be reviewed to give a clear understanding of what workers and employers are covered mandatorily under the compensation scheme. There will be detailed discussion regarding the legal definition of accident as well understanding what injuries are considered work-related. The Board’s legal tests that are applied in decision-making will be examined. Participants will review the statutory obligations of both workers and employers mandated by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. They will also learn what rights are provided by the legislation. Also included will be a review of Early and Safe Return to Work, the re-employment obligation and insight into the operations of the WSIB. Hands on experience interpreting and completing Board forms are included.

WSIB Level II - Benefits & Representation
This 12 hour course provides participants with the knowledge of the benefits and services available and how to properly conduct themselves as representatives in the workers’ compensation system. Benefits and services will be explained in detail, including NEL, FEL, LOE, LMR and PPD. Participants will be shown how the Board calculates injured workers’ benefits. Short term and long term calculations will be explained so that participants understand what and when monetary items such as overtime are included in the worker’s earnings basis. Legislative and policy changes including Bills 162, 165, 15 and 99 will be discussed. Participants will gain an appreciation of the Board’s Service Delivery Model which will foster better interaction techniques. Participants will learn how to examine claim files and master the art of communication with physicians and Board staff. Hands on experience will be received through a series of exercises using a Board file. Pre-requisites are the Level 1 ODRT course or equivalency.
April 16 - 17, 2020 | CUPE Local 905, Newmarket, Ontario | English | $20
Representing Members in Front of Management, Grievance Handling, Creating An Harassment Free Workplace, Growing Our Mobilizing Power

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