CUPE encourages all our members and staff to complete this survey on workplace violence and harassment. We want to hear from all workers, whether or not they have experienced workplace violence and harassment. We also want to hear from workers of all genders and occupations, both union and non-union.

This is the first national survey on workplace violence and harassment, and the labour movement plays a key role. The survey is being conducted by the Canadian Labour Congress and researchers at the University of Toronto and Western University.

CUPE has always fought for safe workplaces. Eliminating violence and harassment continues to be a top priority. We can be more effective with better information on how and where harassment and violence occur, and how to challenge it.

CUPE and other unions used the last CLC survey on domestic violence, to win collective agreement language, workplace education and legislated rights for survivors like paid leave and protection from eviction. We will use the results from this survey in the same ways – to fight for better conditions through bargaining, lobbying and coalitions.

We know from personal accounts and other forms of research that some groups of workers face more violence and harassment at work. These groups include persons with a disability, migrant workers, precariously employed workers and women, LGBTQ2+, Black, Indigenous and racialized workers, among others. Having data from a national survey of this scale will help unions challenge those intersecting forms of oppression.

Please answer the survey and share it with co-workers, friends and family. It doesn’t take long (30 minutes or so), and the survey is completely anonymous (no names or other identifying information required).

For any questions, contact the CLC Human Rights Department at