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P3 Alert - May 2004

P3 borrowing a public risk: IMF

Apr 30, 2004 09:59 AM A report to be released by the International Monetary Fund raises concerns that the British government is hiding £100 billion of public borrowing by keeping P3s off the government books. The IMF argues that P3 financing is government borrowing and should be included in public accounts.

Alberta firm loses P3 deal

Apr 30, 2004 09:57 AM The British National Health System (NHS) has backed away from a P3 deal with a Calgary consortium after realizing the proposed contract delivered poor value for money.

Terasen poised to privatize water in western North America

Apr 30, 2004 09:55 AM Vancouver-based natural gas pipeline and utility company Terasen Inc. is moving into the water business. The company has bought a 50 per cent share of Fairbanks Sewer and Water Inc. that provides water distribution and wastewater treatment in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Alberta: “The province in love with P3s”

Apr 30, 2004 09:52 AM “It doesn’t make things any cheaper, but it moves them up on the agenda,” says Smith. “I’m going to take every advantage I have of the province in love with this P3.”

Protesters tell Charest: Enough!

Apr 30, 2004 09:50 AM The Quebec government’s one-year anniversary brought thousands of activists into the streets to protest against privatization and government downsizing.

Kingston’s community services in jeopardy

Apr 30, 2004 09:48 AM Kingston’s Mayor Harvey Rosen is threatening to privatize city services, calling it “part of the overall global process we have adopted.”

BC Rail deal spans 990 years

Apr 30, 2004 09:46 AM A leaked copy of the BC Rail contract between CN and the British Columbia government has sparked controversy, raising questions about a possible government cover-up.

Thousands rally in Toronto to stop P3 hospitals

Apr 30, 2004 09:44 AM Over 2,000 workers, activists and citizens rallied in Toronto April 3 to stop P3 hospitals.

Klein promises P3 plan for June while problems mount

Apr 30, 2004 09:40 AM Alberta Premier Ralph Klein continues to push his vision for “sustainable” heath care and infrastructure, and makes no secret that vision involves massive privatization. Meanwhile, Alberta’s auditor general Fred Dunn warns that P3s could spiral into another corruption scandal.

Privatization sets pay equity back to 1968

Apr 30, 2004 09:38 AM Privatization is eating away at pay equity that workers have achieved over the past 30 years. A report released by the BC office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives shows that privatized housekeeping jobs are paid between $9.25 to $11 an hour, a level equivalent to the HEU-negotiated wage for housekeeping in 1968.

P3 backers mislead TransLink directors

Apr 30, 2004 09:34 AM Backers of a P3 RAV continue to push for a quick decision, before information on the true costs and risks of the project come to light. The TransLink board met April 16 to review a study comparing the costs of a private vs a public project.

Mulroney pushes P3s for Quebec’s super-hospitals

Apr 30, 2004 09:30 AM Despite the dismal experience in Britain, a commission headed by Brian Mulroney and former Quebec premier Daniel Johnson is recommending P3s for two super-hospital projects in Montreal.

“Secrecy” the P3 way

Apr 30, 2004 09:27 AM An official of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority confirmed that negotiations with “a preferred private partner” are underway for the P3 Academic Ambulatory Care Centre. Yet Partnerships BC refuses to release financial details until the deal is signed.

Canadians want public delivery, investment

Apr 30, 2004 09:23 AM A new Ipsos-Reid poll commissioned by CUPE shows 84 per cent of Canadians agree that public services should be delivered by public sector workers and 75 per cent support the rebuilding of public infrastructure through direct public investment.