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New national office opens in November

The new CUPE national office building

The new, environmentally friendly CUPE National office will open in November 2007.

The union expects the new Stan Little building – at 1375 St. Laurent Boulevard in Ottawa's east end - to earn a gold rating on the LEED standard for environmental construction.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Canada-NC 1.0 is a rating system that assesses the environmental sustainability of building designs.

CUPE’s new building is expected to earn more than 40 points making it a Gold example of environmental construction.

New CUPE offices in other communities across Canada are also being built with the environment in mind.

Between 2005 and 2007 three new area offices were built or purchased: Cranbrook, BC, Cornwall, ON and Moncton, NB.

Cranbrook and Moncton offices are new construction, each with outstanding features that demonstrate CUPE’s desire to promote sustainability.

CUPE bought an existing building in Cornwall but will repair and upgrade it and all other CUPE offices with sustainable materials, practice and operating principles.

"The health and well being of Canadians is at the forefront of what CUPE members do," said CUPE National Secretary Treasurer Claude Généreux, "So, it's natural that we would want our brand new national office to be a shining example of a healthy building."